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  • New Shed Rules:  These rules were approved in November 2012.
  • Newsletter Opt-In Form to continue to receive printed newsletters
  • ACC Townhome Change Request Form
  • Click here to determine what model of Town Home you have
  • Resident Handbook (includes By-laws, Administrative Resolutions, Covenants, and ACC Guidelines)
  • Architectural Audit Procedures - The PowerPoint presentation reviewing the new audit process.
  • When do I need a Fairfax County permit?
  • Snow Removal
  • Resident Reimbursement Form  -  This form is to be used by residents who have made improvements on community land and wish to be reimbursed for money spent on materials only.  Prior approval through the Maintenance Committee is required.  If the amount to be reimbursed is greater than $100.00, then prior Board approval is required.  Receipts are required for reimbursement and completed forms should be submitted for payment through the Maintenance Committee.  Please see this new document for more information about Improving the Common Areas Near Your Home.
  • DFCA Neighbor Complaint Form - This is the DFCA official complaint form to be used when a household/resident has a complaint against another household/resident.  If you have a complaint or issue NOT against a household/resident, please call or email the DFCA board of directors.  This form must be signed and dated by the complainant to be processed.
  • DFCA Main Entryway Door Standards (Board Approved 3-24-2011)
  • Fairfax County Animal Brochure
  • DFCA Welcome Handbook
  • DFCA Trash Rules Survey Result
  • FEMA National Flood Insurance document for lower Uxbridge
    • Some homeowners, especially those on lower Uxbridge have received notice that they are in a flood zone and required to purchase flood insurance. However, we have documentation from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which states that flood insurance for these homes is voluntary under the national flood insurance program.  In order to read the document, you need to know your plot number.
    • According to the document these homes are currently NOT in a flood plain, noted by the "X" next to each lot number. In some instances, a portion of the property may be in the flood plain, but the structures are not. This point makes a difference to insurance companies in our favor.
    • However, the county did mail notices in September 2008 saying that they're in the process of re-evaluating the flood plain, and some homes may fall in the NEW flood plain. The point is that if we purchase flood insurance NOW, if our structures are later placed in a flood zone, the insurance companies MUST grandfather in these lower rates.
    • The flood plain changes will likely be in effect in a few months.