Community FAQs
Area Schools
  • Where do Danbury Forest children attend school?
    There are 2 elementary schools within walking distance; Kings Park Elementary and Kings Glenn Elementary. Middle school and High school students are bussed to Lake Braddock Secondary school.

Community Pool
  • How do I reserve the poolside canopy area?
    Click on the Amenities link in the Resident section of the home page. Click the Signups and Reservations link. Log in with your DFCA account. From the drop down menu choose DFCA Poolside Canopy Area. You will see a calendar with the reserved time slots cross hatched. Choose a date and time and fill in the requested information (you may only reserve a maximum of 4 hours). If your party is larger than 25 attendees, fill out and submit the Amenities --> Signups and Reservations --> Poolside Canopy Guest List. Click the The Poolside Canopy Guest List form. Complete the form and give it to the Lifeguards.
  • How does my family register for pool passes?
    Click on the Amenities link in the Resident section of the home page. Click the The Pool then Pool Forms. log in with your DFCA account. Submit a completed pool information form. The information will be kept on record in the pool office. The life guards will ask for identification and will check the records to validate that you are a community resident. Guest are allowed but the resident must accompany them while on the pool grounds.

Exterior Enhancement
  • What is required to update my townhouse exterior?
    Complete and submit the ACC townhouse change request form. Check if a Fairfax County building permit is required for the enhancement. If a permit is required, an Enhancement Committee request form is required in addition to the ACC form.
  • Is my townhouse part of the community rezoning?
    If your townhouse is part of the rezoning concurrence, it is not shaded black on this map.
    Concurrence changed the setback requirements if an addition is being considered. DFCA resolution #17 explains this rezoning.
  • What do I need to redo a roof?
    Complete and submit the ACC townhouse change request form. Include shingle color and type.
  • When is a Permit Required?
    This is the link to the Fairfax County website "When is a Permit Required".
  • Fairfax County Permit Application.
    The permit application and equipment worksheet is here.

  • Where is 5450 Danbury Forest Drive?
    The address is the community association's mailbox, and it is not a physical address where things can be dropped off or where folks can walk in and voice complaints. If you would like to leave a voice message that is checked regularly, call 703-978-9845.