Main Entryway Standards
New DFCA Main Entryway Door Standards
Effective March 24, 2011
  • All doors must be approved by the ACC prior to installation.Any homeowner who does not get approval runs the risk of having to remove the door.
  • Door panels shall be square or rectangular in shape, and must be symmetrical. (panels may be recessed, or defined by applied molding as on original metal doors) (‘symmetry’ refers to symmetry around a vertical axis)
  • No carved wood, deeply recessed panels, or protruding shelves permitted on doors.
  • Full doors only (one piece design) will be approved – no Dutch doors.
  • Door color must be white, black, natural wood, or painted to match the shutters with an approved color from the Williamsburg color collection as found in the Benjamin Moore Paints. The only exception is black shutters with a red door. Exact shade of color needs to be approved prior to painting or installation.
  • Doors must be a single color, including all door panels, molding, etc.
  • No exposed hinges or superfluous hardware will be approved. A single door knocker is permitted, similar to those originally installed.
  • Doors can be comprised of full (or any fraction of) glass, but glass placement must be symmetrical. Plate glass doors are not permitted. (glass must be framed with door material)
  • Glass may be square, rectangular, oval, or semi-circular (fan-shaped).
  • Glass may be clear, frosted, etched, beveled, or leaded, but no colored glass or stained glass will be permitted.
  • Some main entryway doors installed prior to April 1, 2011 do not meet these standards and have been documented in the homeowner records. They will be permitted to remain on the home until such time that the door is replaced. At that time, the new door must be approved prior to installation and must meet existing door standards.
  • As with any architectural modification, any homeowner who submits a request for a new main entryway door that does not meet these standards can appeal to the DFCA Board for special consideration.